Memory Zipper Plus

Memory Zipper Plus 7.02

1. It frees the memory which windows neglects and fails to release....

1. It frees the memory which windows neglects and fails to release. Thus there is a continuous supply of RAM and increases overall system speed.

2. It defrags the RAM and makes available a large block of memory to system. 3. It repairs the memory leaks and avoids crashes. 4. It fully integrates within windows and makes the continuous supply of the resources to always-hungry programs.

5. It increases the uptime of windows from few hours to weeks. 6. To get more speed you do not have to restart your Server/Workstation after every few hours.

Your Windows NT/2000 server will keep going on and on. 7. This program has very small footprint in the memory and does not consume any precious resources.

Its Kernel is written in assembly language for speed and size. 8. Comes with CPU Cooler to save power9. Recovers unused RAM from applications and the operating system.

10. Loads applications up to 30% faster. 11. No performance degradding compression. 12. No system files modified or replaced. 13. No drivers or VxDs are installed on your system.

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Memory Zipper Plus


Memory Zipper Plus 7.02